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I am a technology enthusiast that owns a product from start to finish. From the initial conception to environment set up, product design, architecture, development, leadership, documentation, deployment, and support. I believe in Simpler Is Better and faster time to market produces the best results. My goal is to bring software to users as fast as I can so that we solve the problems we haven't yet discovered.

Work Experience

(Auto Manufacturer) (as a contractor) (04/2019 -> Current)

I fulfilled a DevOps role, primarily managing a Jenkins deployment system and AWS infrastructure.

  • Maintained a Kubernetes-based Jenkins instance used to deploy a Kuberentes-based application to multiple distinct application environments with over 200 services and 2 separate application teams.
  • Defined AWS infrastucture using a combination of raw CloudFormation templates and CDK-generated templates. Managed the deployment of that infrastucture across 7 unique enviroments.
  • Designed and implemented a secrets management pipeline using AWS Secrets Manager.
  • Trained and guided application teams on Kubernetes deployments. Including proper microservice design and deployment strategies.

Rackspace US, inc. (05/2017 -> 02/2019)

At Rackspace my primary role was application development but I transitioned into creating multiple Terraform modules to bootstrap new customer environments for well-defined application architectures.

  • FAWS Tracker - Developer - An internal onboarding workflow application, based on AWS Lambda, Dynamo, and other Serverless technologies.
  • Cloud Tracker - Architect - A complete rewrite of FAWS Tracker which focused on a flexible workflow experience. Built on AWS ECS and Aurora. Worked closely with the business leadership to design a flexible system that would work with multiple business units.
  • Build Engineer - Created AWS and Azure Terraform templates as ‘quickstarts’ for customer environments. Worked with other build engineers and support engineers to design the architectures of the quickstarts and implemented the Terraform modules.

Starz Inc (as a contractor) (02/2016 -> 05/2017)

For Starz I was contracted to build and maintain a number of internal NodeJS websites.

  • Media Room - A site dedicated to the Press for gated content, including photos, videos, pdfs and behind-the-scenes information. Included streaming video content. Leveraged Bamboo for automated builds, Docker for deploys, and S3 for file storage as well as introduced a new video transcoding pipeline that drastically reduced turnaround time for getting videos onto the site.
  • Screening Room - A site dedicated to the Press to screen pre-airdate videos. Originally written in .NET and replaced with a MEAN stack application in under 2 months.
  • Play Auth Auditor - A recurring process that would automatically test their primary API. Written in NODE and deployed via Docker.
  • - focused a medium term effort on improving the video player, including working closely with the vendor to identify and resolve bugs.

Four Little Dogs, LLC (09/2014 -> Present)

I run my own consulting company for smaller side projects. So far I have built 3 production websites running on the MEAN stack.

  • Tri Lakes Artists ( - A directory for artists in the Tri Lakes/Monument area of CO.
  • - An experiment in location-based messaging.
  • ( - An artist’s site to show off and sell her artwork.

ShowPitch, LLC. (03/2014 -> 02/2016)

I held a backend software development lead position overseeing the API implementation using MVC Web Api and MongoDB for persistence. We created a high performance platform.

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